Pay with SEPA bank transfer

If you choose SEPA payment option, you will be provided with our bank transfer instructions by email message.

Pay with Bitcoin

Enjoy fast, smooth transaction and secure payment system with Bitcoin Live Payment.

Before you hit the checkout button, make sure you have Bitcoin balance in your wallet.

If you still do not have a Bitcoin account, you will need to make an initial purchase with legit online traders. Bitcoin Live Payment is available in all countries.

Pay Using Bit4Coin Voucher

Pay easily like any bank transaction using Bit4Coin voucher. This option is only available to customers in Europe.
Don’t have a voucher yet? Visit to avail of your voucher.

How to pay using Bit4coin voucher:

  • Step 1 – Purchase a Bitcoin voucher

Go to and purchase a Bitcoin voucher. Their currency is Euro. To convert your dollar order value to Euro, you can go to for the Live Exchange Rates.

  • Step 2 – Pay via SEPA bank

Pay through SEPA Bank transfer to

  • Step 3 – Receive voucher code

Wait for the alpha-numeric voucher code you will receive via your mobile phone. The code will arrive within 1-2 days upon voucher purchase.

  • Step 4 – Email voucher code

Send us the voucher code via email through our customer support.

  • Step 5 – Payment confirmation

Once we receive your email, we will redeem your voucher and reply via email for the payment confirmation.

Buying vouchers at Bit4Coin is hassle-free. There is no need to register or have an account. No commitment and no passwords, just like buying something from a shop.

When you buy Bit4coin vouchers, your purchase is protected from exchange rate fluctuations. You can use the voucher at a later date and the value will still be stable.

SEPA bank transfer is the standard bank transfer method in Europe. It is available in 35 European countries. SEPA transfers are available in Euro only, but if using another local currency like CHF or GBP, amount will be transferred automatically in Euro.